Studio BV

Studio BV

Minneapolis, MN


Dress for Success Twin Cities RV Boutique – Success Express

Studio BV set out to create an utterly unique boutique experience for Dress for Success Twin Cities. The Dress for Success team acquired a new RV to be used as a mobile engagement space and the Studio BV team created a design that would transform this RV into an inspirational fashion boutique on wheels!

The RV supports and expands the operations of the Twin Cities chapter of global non-profit Dress for Success. Their mission - to empower women through employment by offering career counseling, networking opportunities, and clothing services, centers around building confidence.

 “The Success Express RV is designed to be uplifting and inspiring - utilizing a palette of soft blues, white oak, and soft curvilinear geometry to convey beauty and softness to all that enter,” said Betsy Vohs, Studio BV Founder and CEO.  “The custom elements throughout the RV, further elevate the experience including three custom painted art murals which were created on site by local mural artist Emily Quandahl. These mural moments punctuate the space with energy and life. The custom designed mosaic tile floor has a pattern that is whimsical and fun, underscoring an attitude of positivity.”

The program for the Success Express RV has two separate components. One is career support including; coaching, mentoring and working on building clients' tools and collateral to go to job interviews. The second is working on outfitting the clients with clothes, shoes and accessories.

The RV has a banquette and coffee bar area- which provides space for interview training and resume coaching and offers functional amenities such as a printer and mini fridge concealed within custom cabinetry with Cambria countertops as well as ample storage.

The clothes components are stored in the wardrobe area - featuring two dressing rooms, a try-on area with a three-way mirror and accessory closet, and additional customized wardrobe and accessory storage.

A feeling of beauty and sparkle is created by hand blown lighting fixtures by local lighting designer at Hennepin Made, used throughout the RV.

The RV exterior was wrapped in a custom designed pattern created by Studio BV that is full of color, optimism and whimsy. The design was created to stand out on the road and in a community setting. The modern design of the exterior will be a beacon for women to connect to the team at Dress for Success.

The Success Express RV creates a space that embodies possibilities. The Clients of Dress for Success have already made the biggest steps towards changing their future and the experience of visiting the Success Express RV should be affirming, inspirational and energizing.

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Status: Built
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Firm Role: Architecture, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Furniture Design
Additional Credits: GeneralContractor – Gardner Builders
Floors – Dal Tile
Lights – Hennepin Made
MuralArtist – Emily Quandahl
Drapery – Carnegie Fabric
Furniture – Hightower and Blu Dot