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Studio BV

Minneapolis, MN


Beehive Strategic Communication

The Beehive team is a family. This concept focuses on the team that makes the hive come to life. The connections that each person has to the organization as well as to each other. These moments are supported with soft places to gather, soft colors and details.  These connections are fostered in the common spaces of the office, the coffee bar, work lounge and open work areas.

“The design concept is about the connections that create the community,” said Betsy Vohs, Studio BV Founder and CEO. “The handmade tile, the handmade wood island and locally made lighting all contribute to the enhanced human experience in the space.”

The design creates soft places to rest, retreat and be creative. The textures and colors are light and bright which contrast to the raw nature of the old warehouse architecture.

“There is a bright, warm and welcoming feeling you get when you enter the space,” said Vohs.  “This is the same way the people at Beehive make their team and visitors feels when working with them. The energy of a space is the intangible component of the design. That comes from the building, the light, the people and the behaviors and actions in the space.”  The best we can do as a design team is to create a platform for our clients to do their best work and make physical a representation of their brand and values.

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Status: Built
Location: Saint Paul, MN, US
Firm Role: Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Signage, Branding
Additional Credits: Vendor List
Hennepin Made Lighting
Mercury Mosiacs Tile
Wood From The Hood
Interface Carpet
Abet Laminati
Sherwin Williams
Delta Plumbing
Kohler Plumbing