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The European Quarter

The European Quarter is a housing estate in Tyumen, Russia comprising semi-closed blocks, towers, and urban villas woven together through landscaping and a central promenade. The site previously hosted chaotically built wooden cottages, which have gradually fallen into disrepair. Brusnika launched a redevelopment project in the area in 2019. The European Quarter is another company’s project in this part of the city, neighbouring the European estate comprising 30 houses and A House by the Lake, still under construction. 

The Dutch KCAP company developed the project master plan. Lying close to other Brusnika projects, the European Quarter is seamlessly integrated into the existing environment, creating a dense network of cycling and pedestrian routes. Forging local identity and forming urban landmarks is another crucial concept. Hence, the masterplan comprises two core components: diversity in the built-up environment and an ‘urban carpet’ - an architectural term for the landscaping layout inside the quarter. 

The European Quarter comprises 17 houses of different typologies. Perimeter-wise it is framed by semi-closed and linear blocks of mid-rise 10-storey houses with subtle grey and white stucco facades. Discreetly screening the inner part of the quarter and acting as a backdrop, the buildings present a smooth transition to urbanised surroundings. Sited at the corners, 17-storey towers - the focal points of the quarter - diversify the cityscape and create new navigational features. The inner space of the project references a treasure chest. Reserved for residents only, it is an enclosed and private area. The project contains seven small 5 to 6-storey, one-entrance urban villas with vibrant facades and active massing supported by balconies, recessed balconies, and terraces. The facade design features clinker bricks and stucco in shades of brown, terracotta, raspberry, and sand. The urban villas along the pedestrian promenade form diverse pocket gardens on both sides.  

The central promenade is at the core of the masterplan, forming the project’s identity. Complete with courts d’honneur, green recreational spaces, playgrounds, sports zones, and public squares, it conjures up an urban carpet. Anyone will find here an activity to their liking. It is a meeting place for older citizens, a playground for kids, and a sports and workout zone for dynamic youngsters. Sport, play, and recreation complement each other, thus fostering interaction between social groups. The promenade begins with and abuts the square. To the north, it merges into a park by the lake, while its southern part gives onto the Tura river and the European estate. Shop windows and summer terraces of ground-floor cafes front the southern square. Overlooking outer streets all along the perimeter of the quarter, retail outlets invigorate the built-up area. All the houses host an underground parking garage to store residents’ cars. Another feature of the quarter’s masterplan is a municipal kindergarten, matching the architecture of the urban villas in scale and style. 

The European Quarter is an up-to-date living environment, promoting cohesion and diversity on the one hand, and combining urban and countryside dimensions on the other. So far, residents have moved into the first five completed houses. Scheduled to be accomplished by 2025, the construction is underway in several phases. The quarter's concept is to promote a quality living environment and become a new point of attraction.

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Status: Built
Location: Tyumen, RU
Firm Role: Developer
Additional Credits: Project team
Masterplan: KCAP
Architecture and facades: KCAP
Layouts: Brusnika. Design
Landscape design: Greenhance
Interiors: Brusnika. Design
Photography: Maxim Loskutov, Alexander Nemirov

Volumetric data
Plot area: 80 000 m2
Built-up area: 170 000 m2
Sales floor area: 98 000 m2
Business premises: 11 000 m2
Number of storeys: 5-17

Design 2016-2018
Completion 2019-2025