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Dravert’s Quarters: an area of sustainable development

“In city design people are our primary concern. We develop and design urban environments and accommodations positively affecting health, wellbeing and living standards”.

Helle Juul, Founding Partner, Juul Frost Architects

Dravert’s Quarters, a large-scale Brusnika and Juul Frost Architects’ development project in Omsk, views the person as the key reference point of the environment.

Dravert’s Quarters is a new residential area on the left bank of the Irtysh river in Omsk, whose construction begins in 2022 and will be completed by 2035. This is a new housing estate conceived to meet the principles of sustainability, social design and climatic landscaping. Another river of local importance, the Zamaraika, is located in close proximity. Neighbouring a high-rise housing estate, with a kindergarten under construction, it has access to both transport and commercial infrastructure.

The master plan of the area development and landscaping was designed by Brusnika in collaboration with the Danish Juul Frost Architects. Water proximity defined the project key concept by turning the river into the central axis of composition and organising the housing estate around it. Variously sized blocks with towers and urban villas are grouped into small clusters lowering towards the river. The Architects Boulevard, the main street linking the city to the river, stretches across the whole area. High-rise buildings are sited all along the main street, while small compact houses are placed next to the river, enhancing the natural environment and creating the atmosphere of a waterfront holiday village. 

Variously sized blocks with towers and urban villas form a diverse cityscape with a dynamic outline. The construction grid blends into the environment by conserving familiar paths and views, and following the contours of existing houses.

The masterplan of Dravert’s Quarters conforms to the natural landscape of the area and factors in terrain elevation changes. The quarter is permeable in its character with a grid of pedestrian lanes, green semi-private courtyards and passages, pocket parks, squares with playgrounds and recreational zones. The streets reflect the scale of the buildings: they vary from wide, tree-lined avenues equipped with parkings to compact and narrow lanes designed for pedestrians. The car traffic slows down towards the river, giving way to a quiet walking zone. 

The entire landscape of Dravert’s Quarters can be conventionally divided into zones for workouts and recreation, and a natural reserve located along the central boulevard. The main street is a vast area, coextensive with the park next to the city Cathedral covering 320 metres in length. Its design makes the housing estate resistant to climate change, excessive precipitation and rising water levels. It factors in water drainage and rainwater conservation, while promoting biodiversity with climate resistant plants favourable for Siberia. The bank along the Zamaraika river will be equipped with jogging lanes and walking paths. The planting plan here is less dense than along the Architects Boulevard. The residents of Dravert’s Quarters will live in the city but retain connection to the countryside, where landscape variety enables social and physical outdoor activities.  

Moreover, Dravet’s Quarters will feature a multitude of various amenities as the ground floors of the district frontage host business premises with cafes, restaurants, shops and household services available to new residents and all city dwellers alike. 

Brusnika is about to launch the first phase of development in 2022. It comprises four 17-storey tower blocks sharing a courtyard equipped for games, sport and recreation, and an underground parking. The towers will become central to the future housing estate turning into a landmark of the area. The architecture is neutral, featuring buildings with light-coloured stuccoed facades and a regular window grid delicately rhyming with open balconies.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Omsk, RU
Firm Role: Architecture and completion
Additional Credits: Project team
Masterplan: Juul Frost Architects
Architecture: Brusnika. Design
Completion: Brusnika
Visual rendering: Brusnika. Design

Volumetric data
Plot area: 25,6 ha
Sales floor area: 573 200 m2
Residential premises: 444 500 m2
Business premises: 38 000 m2
Parking: 41 000 m2
Summer premises: 35 000 m2

Design: 2021
Completion: 2022-2035