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River Port. Waterfront quarters in Tyumen

Brusnika’s quarters in the River Port form a new housing estate in the centre of Tyumen, Russia. The area is located at the site of the former river port, which marked the beginning of Siberian steam navigation in the late 19th century. Barges were used to transport grain and salt, metal and peltry, fish and timber. At the time Tyumen was genuinely the door to Siberia. In the second half of the 20th century, the development of rail and automobile infrastructure led to a declining demand for river transportation. Eventually the port faded in importance but it still remains a memorable place for the city.   

While designing the River Port project, Brusnika opted to conserve the authentic spot and restore access to the river. The area is divided into two sections: the southern part with self-contained houses connected into blocks and the northern part with passages in the housing area and public spaces by the river. They will be completed in several phases with the southern plot being first in turn, followed by the northern one. The plots interconnect with a street and cycling /pedestrian lanes. For those preferring higher degrees of privacy, the architects conceived blocks with cosy apartments and backyards in the south. More sociable residents, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city will prefer accommodation in the north, located at the site of the former river port. 

A densely populated European city presented an image for the master plan of the southern plot. The concept was supported with a regular grid of streets featuring mid-rise blocks complete with private courtyards and urban villas linked with a small square. A 24-storey tower dominating the whole area will become a new landmark of the River Port

For the northern plot, the architects drew their inspiration from dock areas in Europe. Swedish designers Mandaworks made a master plan for the site. The Tura river forms the contextual core of the quarter, so the master plan key concept is to create passages in the newly built-up area and make the riverside accessible for all city dwellers. To achieve this, buildings are constructed in rows opening up towards the riverfront. Terraced and mono-section houses lower in height towards the river. It is due to this method that most apartments can enjoy the river view. Recreational areas, sports and playgrounds, and park zones are located among the houses. The area is not only available for local residents, but for all citizens who come here to enjoy a stroll around the quarter and unwind by the river.

The centre of the housing estate in the port features the pedestrian main street with shop windows and summer stalls. Retail outlets take up from one to three lower floors depending on the building. Thanks to a host of commercial premises, residents can rent an office, open a shop or a cafe in their own building, and with all the amenities located here, there is no need to travel to the city centre. This solution boosts the attraction of the area, while increasing its vitality and urban life. . Next to the main street the architects have conserved a mature oak by surrounding it with a small square. 

The revitalised River Port area is embedded into the cityscape by means of cycling lanes, transport network, and a green park on the riverside. This part of the waterfront, planned to be landscaped in several phases, will constitute the green belt of Tyumen by linking the new housing estate to the historic city centre. 

To enhance authenticity, Hans and Albrecht track-mounted dock cranes will be conserved on the waterfront. They will embellish the riverside, creating a new local landmark.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Tyumen, RU
Firm Role: Architects
Additional Credits: Project team

Development and completion — Brusnika
Design manager — Danila Egorenko

Masterplan, phase 1 — Brusnika. Design
Product manager — Dmitry Stupin
Architects — Vasily Bolshakov, Danil Arefiev.

Masterplan, phase 2 — Mandaworks + Brusnika. Design
Brusnika Product manager — Dmitry Stupin
Brusnika senior architect — Vasily Bolshakov
Brusnika architect — Danil Arefiev

Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Danny Bridson, Francesca Savio, Konstantin Miroshnychenko, Manon Otto.

Volumetric data

Southern plot (Phase 1)
Plot area — 4,4 ha
Residential area — 106,4 thousand square metres
Commercial premises — 11,9 thousand square metres
Parking — 15,3 thousand square metres

Northern plot (Phase 2)
Plot area — 4,5 ha
Residential area — 62,7 thousand square metres
Commercial premises — 26,7 thousand square metres
Parking — 5,8 thousand square metres