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Brusnika Design


Multifunctional parking with co-working

The concept of the project was developed by the Dutch architectural office SVESMI offers an original typology that has potential to become a prototype applicable in a broad range of contexts.

What was originally indicated in the masterplan as a rather mundane slab of multi-storey parking for local residents of the European riverfront estate, has been transformed into an urban place for small businesses and a coworking space for the whole city. 

By cutting the rectangular slab diagonally and turning it into the structure that descends in steps towards the river embankment, the designers created an opportunity to add a diverse program on top of the existing floors of parking. 

All commercial spaces, offices and viewing platforms with facades made of light steel frames and glass panels constitute the added programmatic layer. 

Internal spaces flooded with daylight are complemented with open balconies and 

a large roof terrace that is accessible to the whole community of the Garages complex and local residents. 

A coworking space is placed on three floors of the building. It can be used by all citizens. This space with small studios, open space and meeting rooms is suitable for urban start-ups and small business, such as, for instance, design ateliers, IT, artisanal production, different courses, etc. Larger space on the upper floors can also accommodate a restaurant or coffee shop. All commercial spaces have river views.

The project was inspired by the grass-rout local “garage culture” that became ubiquitous in many socialist countries. In the past, individual garage was the only permitted form of private property. Composed into separate clusters, most of these garages were turned into improvised studios by their owners. A simple universal “box” became a symbol of creative, uncharted spirit and a space for hobbies, small jobs or workshops of all kinds. This tradition to have a special place for a small business where your car is parked is still alive and the project taps into the energy of this popular concept. 

Enveloped by massive walls, the composition of glass rooms with terraces and public platforms creates an image of monumental fragility, inspired by the beauty of a multifaceted crystal bursting out of the solid rock.

Intentional roughness in detailing and the choice in favour of cheap, democratic materials help to create the feeling of a non-designed structure, of a place that grew naturally and almost spontaneously over the years as any classical garage complex of the previous era. The complex targets very different social groups – from young locals and city creatives to more conservative public and even tourists. 

With its stairs with wide steps, terraces, panoramic platforms, and interior facilities, this complex is designed as an unusual vertical public space that could accommodate visitors in various seasons, offering scenic views over the river Ob’ and the growing modern district around it.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Novosibirsk, RU
Firm Role: Developer
Additional Credits: Architects 一 SVESMI, Alexander Sverdlov, Sophia Chebotareva, Kseniya Stafievskaya, Evgeniy Khvan, Diana Bibisheva, Fuwei Shao, Isis Peres
Developer — Brusnika
Photo — Valery Kostyunin

Total area 一 12,000 m2
Parking 一 6,500 m2
Offices 一 2,200 m2
Retail 一 1,800 m2
Terraces 一 500 m2