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Aros Architects

London, GB


Vineyard House

This former J Lyons bread bun factory on the corner of Brook Green and Hammersmith Road is now a new media hothouse, transformed into a headquarters for one of the publishing world’s most influential new groups. Immediate Media was formed in late 2011 by the union of BBC Magazines, Origin Publishing and Magicalia. Vineyard House was designed to accommodate 580 desks in 50,000 sq ft of new offices, and convey the image of a breeding ground for cutting-edge cross-platform ideas.

To that end, the ground floor and basement were given over to creative, communal space where employees could meet, collaborate and find inspiration. At one end, forum stairs lead down to the lower level, lined in Wrongwoods’ striking woodblock-style prints. Cutting a 21x14m hole in the ground floor slab allowed us to create a day-lit, hall-like space in which employees can gather to hear speeches and talks, and an enclosed pod holds a meeting room for 26 people. Dropped by 900mm from the ground floor, it establishes a new dynamic in the space and includes room on top for another seated area, overlooking goings-on at ground level.

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Status: Built
Location: London, GB
Firm Role: Architect & Interior Designer