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On September 19, 2017, Mexico experienced one of the strongest earthquakes in its history, with 7.1 on the Richter scale it left more than 369 victims and 150,000 homes destroyed in five states of the country, the most affected being Oaxaca, Morelos, State of Mexico and Guerrero.    
Ecatzingo, located southwest of the Popocatepetl Volcano in the State of Mexico, continues to be one of the municipalities with the most damage from the earthquake, with 1,587 homes affected, 601 of them uninhabitable, leaving entire families homeless. 

Dellekamp, in collaboration with Telar Social Mexico and Reforestemos Mexico, assumes the commitment to generate conditions that improve the quality of life of the families of the community of Ecatzingo, promoting the reuse of materials for reconstruction, considering the context and the specific needs of each family and encouraging a dialogue based on collaboration throughout the design process.

The project includes the design and construction of 3 homes that in essence, form a series of experimental exercises based in the first instance, on three main axes of research.

1- The way of living in rural areas.
2- The traditional construction system in the region and its contemporary relevance.
3- The current construction systems, their meanings, and technical and social scopes. 

This whole process has been carried out in full cooperation with the community and particularly with families who have adopted the exercise as an option for a change in the way of living their contemporaneity and an opportunity to promote their development and self-sufficiency.

The house is composed of 3 different areas.

1- Public area: Kitchen and dining room
2-Private area: Bedrooms
3-Services: bathroom, storage, and water storage. 

The design strategy proposes, on the one hand, to reduce the private area to a minimum, to maximize the area destined for the public area of the house, and generate a block of services annexed to the house ventilated and communicated through an exterior corridor.

The public area is composed of the kitchen and dining room, as the main element of the house, this is where most of the time is lived, hierarchizing the family meeting and having a clear relationship with the outside.

The private area, composed of the bedrooms, is arranged around the public area, avoiding the loss of square meters in circulation spaces.

Ecatzingo Project arises from the need to support, through social service to the community.

"We must put human dignity at the center of the reconstruction process." 
Telar Social Mexico.

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Status: Built
Location: Ecatzingo, MX
Firm Role: Architectural Design
Additional Credits: Jachen Sleich, Francisco Franco
Photograpy: Enrique Marquez Bella