Mexico, MX


Dichotomy of Power

Contextualized in a historical moment of change in Mexico, Dichotomies of Power invites the visitor's interpretive capacity to immerse himself in three dimensions of the representation of power:

The first, real and represented by the smelting room, which summarizes the long extinct colonial tradition of coin production - the most widely used way of representing the economic power of a nation. The second, symbolic and represented by the pyramids, which refers to the ancestral "power", symbol of universal power in different cultures of the world. The third, imagined and represented by the artisanal technique of paste with newspapers, which embodies the last analogous witness of power in modern times of information.

The installation is made up of three equilateral pyramids of different heights - the largest reaching almost 7 meters in height - covered by approximately 10,000 sheets of newspaper with a handmade paste finish technique.


The Abierto Mexicano de Diseño (AMD) is an international festival that every year brings together and celebrates the design community in Mexico, in all its breadth and diversity. For seven years, the AMD has presented design as a tool that responds to cultural, social, environmental, economic and political issues that concern us all.
In its sixth edition, the AMD had 175 events, 152 designers and exhibitors, 116,000 visitors and more than 2 million spectators in the public space

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Status: Built
Location: Ciudad de México, MX
Firm Role: Design