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    The Blog's Background Image

    By Archinect
    Sep 30, '11 8:05 PM EST

    When we came up with the idea of adding a customizable background image for each blog, we originally referred to the background image as the blog's "environment". We added this feature as a quick and easy way to give a distinctive look to a blog, reflecting the style, or theme of the blog's content.

    Creating a nice background, however, is not as easy as it may seem, so we're putting together a few tips to help you create the perfect background, or environment, for your blog.

    • The background image you upload will tile, so consider how the image will look when it repeats horizontally and vertically.
    • Consider that computers each have different resolutions... so what may look good on your screen, may not look the same on screens with smaller or larger resolutions. If you are uploading a background image that is meant to fill the entire screen, it will not look the same on a screen with a small resolution compared to a screen with a large resolution.
    • If you use a custom background image, try to pick an image that represents you, your blog, or the theme of your content. If you're writing a travel blog, for example, use a photo you've taken on your trip to help create a mood that enriches the experience of your blog entries.
    • If you don't want to use an image, you can also customize the background color by uploading a small image consisting of one solid color.

    Hope that helps! If you have any questions please post them in the comments for a quick response.

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