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    Saving a Blog Post, to Finish Later

    By Archinect
    Mar 21, '12 8:56 PM EST

    We've received inquiries, from a number of our bloggers, about how to save a draft while composing a blog post.

    At the moment, we don't provide access to "drafts", but we will in the near future. For the time-being, however, there's a simple little hack (to use the term "hack" very loosely), that will help you accomplish this...

    • Start your blog entry, as usual
    • When you're ready to save it, click the "Preview" button
    • Then click the "Continue editing" button
    • Copy the URL in the address bar and save it somewhere safe, or bookmark this page
    • Return to this page whenever you're ready to finish your blog post
    • When you're ready to make the post live, click Submit

    Hope that helps!


    • I hope with the addition of "draft" permissions there might be a scheduler to release posts. There are times when it is easier to write three posts in a day and have them go out over the next week.

      Mar 23, 12 2:55 pm  · 

      This thread was resurrected by spam, but I have to ask the question ... how is the access to drafts "in the near future" coming along? Or the scheduler to release posts that Matthew requests above? Or some of the other features I've requested like some formatting capability beyond bold and italics (paragraph indent or block quote), or the ability to select or identify blog preview images without it defaulting to a crop of the center of the first image I upload to the blog (I'd love to be able to drag a selection box on any image and have that show up as the preview)?

      It seems like Archinect's support of the blogging platform has waned in recent years ... just sayin'.

      Jan 13, 17 11:17 am  · 

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