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  • The Blog's Background Image

    By Archinect
    Sep 30, '11 8:05 PM EST

    When we came up with the idea of adding a customizable background image for each blog, we originally referred to the background image as the blog's "environment". We added this feature as a quick and easy way to give a distinctive look to a blog, reflecting the style, or theme of the blog's... View full entry

  • Adding Images & Videos to your Blog

    By Archinect
    Sep 27, '11 6:03 PM EST

    While building this platform, we've tried our hardest to make everything as intuitive and easy as possible. This can be very difficult sometimes, because the features that seem the most simple are often most complex to make simple to use.The Archinect blogs have a history of being rich with media... View full entry

    Uploading & Re-ordering Images

    Embedding Images into your Entry Text

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