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    R/E/W Robots; Energy; Weather

    Oct 2, '12 10:22 AM EST

    Recap of lecture on 09/26/12 - watch video here


    Victoria Meyers: Robots, Energy, Weather



    urban and landscape design have taken over discussions of architecture

    structural change in communication changes the way we see architecture

    George Dyson - robots are taking over; ex. Google

    internet and social media have reduced scale of the world

    social networks, internet, and Google Earth have changed the concept of design

    new international style will emerge from green design

    weather - always look back to Vitruvius for siting of cities within climate

    projects focus on porosity


    Battery Park City North Neighborhood (BPC)

    woven fabric, renewable energy and energy conservation as theme park

    80% open green roofs

    Bloomberg's PlanNYC has adopted some of BPC's sustainable strategies

    start projects with isometric massing drawings, watercolors, physical models

    green streets earn certification for water retention

    heliostats on building to keep plants healthy


    Pratt Pavilion

    deformed rectangular cube between two industrial buildings

    people enter building from green space, not from back (formerly trolley line)

    public entry - old, rough walls still revealed

    steel stair hand welded to reference high level of craft and design

    inspired by Menashe Kadishman's "Suspended"


    Holley Loft

    wood rooms floated in white

    glass boxes

    anamorphic box

    changing perception of white versus wood with closing of doors


    Digital Water i-Pavilion: DWi-P

    digital interaction - app with facade interaction

    500 ft glass wall

    composer Michael Schumacher wrote piece about water, which was transposed to become glass frit

    app allows interaction with water - indication of how building facades could develop

    complex is on track for LEED Platinum

    encourage development of green diagrams


    Won Dharma Center

    designed for 0 carbon footprint

    dynamic spiral vs. rectangle

    minimal disturbance to site; formerly quarry - brownfield redevelopment

    spirit vs. world

    trees screened building - bleeding edge, oneness


    final thoughts

    on/in landscape

    future: porous edge, materiality - reality

    2006 - Designing with Light (book)

    2013 - Shape of Sound (book) under development now while at UC

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