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    Go West Project

    Oct 9, '12 11:51 AM EST

    Recap of lecture on 10/03/12 - watch video here: part 1 / part 2

    Daan Roggeveen: Go West Project


    “Twenty years ago Mr Sun was a simple Chinese farmer.  Today he owns a block of flats in the centre of a city of millions.  And he didn’t move an inch.”

    – How the City Moved to Mr Sun




    - usually presents with journalist Michiel Hulshof
    - Go West Project combines research, architecture, and media


    - population of 33 million, same as the entire country of Austria
    - 700 construction workers living in a makeshift village on site; developed both residential and service areas – workers don’t need to leave site
    - workers earn 5x as much in city as in countryside – better life for children in country

    Chinese cities vs. world cities
    - average 9.6 million vs. 6.7 million population
    - average universities vs. top universities
    - cultural desert vs. cultural oasis
    - developing vs. expensive


    Mr Sun and Shijiazhuang
    - Mr Sun broke down his farm and built a house, including his personal residence, commercial floors, and rentable units
    - every year one million Chinese farmers turn farms into buildings
    - in Mr Sun’s city alone, 1,200 families have turned farms into buildings
    - not just big projects going up – others reflect creativity of many individuals
    - cultural shift – former farmers now living in skyscrapers


    - four new museums currently under construction
    - government created art spaces around popular places and galleries that were once independently run
    - top down culture


    Continuing urbanization
    - is there a new urban mold developing in Chinese cities?
    - rapid urbanization, high contrast between rural and urban
    - physical city rises first, then population follows
    - residential typologies not yet varied
    - raises questions in environment, real estate, and culture


    Next SAID lecture: Walter Hood, 10/15/12 at 5:00 pm in DAAP 5401

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