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Sep '06 - Dec '06

  • Solar Decathlon interview

    By archtopus
    Dec 11, '06 3:59 PM EST

    Well, this isn't really my studio project, just the major thing I'm doing on the side. As the student project manager for the Cincinnati team, I had the opportunity to talk about our progress on the local NPR affiliate last week.

    Kinda wished they'd edited some of my verbal flubs, but whatever. : )

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  • A Quarter of Progress

    By archtopus
    Dec 5, '06 4:39 PM EST

    Now that the quarter has come to a close and I have but one final to think about (Statistics for Planners, woot . . .) I have a bit of time to ruminate on what I've actually been doing all quarter: growing tomatoes. Yes, having researched this urban agriculture on rooftops stuff for a good year... View full entry

  • Bow Ties and Birkenstocks

    By archtopus
    Oct 31, '06 9:48 PM EST

    Yesterday I had the pleasant experience of being (I'm quite certain) the youngest participant in the National Summit on Greening Historic Properties hosted in Pittsburgh by the Green Building Alliance and the Pittsburgh Historic Landmarks Foundation. The event was appropriately wedged between the... View full entry

  • Architecture Parlante 02 - The New Green

    By archtopus
    Oct 23, '06 2:20 PM EST

    Fresh off the success of our first episode ("The Grammar of Ornament and Crime and Punishment") which shot us up to the third most popular design podcast on iTunes, we now have a second episode, entitled "The New Green." The discussion focuses on the idea that sustainability has now become... View full entry

  • Architecture Parlante

    By archtopus
    Oct 5, '06 2:12 PM EST

    No, I'm not referring to the style of Boulee and Ledoux, but to the podcast that we've just started at the School of Architecture and Interior Design here. Each episode will be a discussion featuring SAID professors (and occasionally other relevant experts) on an important architectural issue. In... View full entry

  • Design through Narrative

    By archtopus
    Oct 3, '06 4:36 PM EST

    In the process of developing my thesis proposal earlier this year (last school year) I decided that it would be useful to think about my project through the eyes of someone who would be impacted by it. To do this, I wrote a brief fictional narrative with a somewhat dystopian tone. I'm not sure... View full entry

  • Found Objects

    By archtopus
    Sep 29, '06 12:07 AM EST

    Having now returned from working at the Smithsonian, I've been able to concentrate more on my thesis (which seems, schedule wise, to be second in importance to making sure our Solar Decathlon studio is moving along smoothly.) As I mentioned previously, my thesis is entitled "Babylon Reconsidered... View full entry

  • Photosynthing History

    By archtopus
    Sep 14, '06 4:09 PM EST

    I have one more day left here in the Smithsonian's Architectural History and Historic Preservation Division. This rather unconventional six-month internship has been an incredible experience and it's surprisingly given me a much more nuanced perspective on architecture from all periods. (Trying to... View full entry

  • The Trilemma of Livable Cities

    By archtopus
    Sep 11, '06 3:10 PM EST

    My thesis topic ("Babylon Reconsidered: community development through rooftop urban agriculture") floats somewhere in the ether among urban design, planning and economics. How can roof gardens be used in an existing histoic ghetto neighborhood to both improve environmental health and act as an... View full entry

  • An Introduction

    By archtopus
    Sep 8, '06 1:44 PM EST

    I gather I'm on the late end of the curve in making a first post, but blame that on still having a 9-5 job and a faulty motherboard at home. So I'll just start with a brief explanation of who I am and where I'm coming from, which will, naturally, color the kinds of posts you can expect from me. I... View full entry

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