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Jan '06 - Feb '07

  • Cincinnati's Confrontation with Snow

    By notone-co
    Feb 6, '07 3:05 PM EST

    This is what happens when you combine Midwest drivers with snow.
    If you are at DAAP and in the dungeon, go look outside and see the wonder that is driving during a snow storm.


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  • Living in Paranoia 4a - Bangladesh Ship Breaking Yards

    By notone-co
    Nov 6, '06 12:17 PM EST

    Edward Burtysky View full entry

  • Living in Paranoia 4

    By notone-co
    Nov 6, '06 10:53 AM EST

    An American embassy in Bangladesh. (Paranoid Spatial Anxiety) If anyone caught 60 minutes last night, Bangladesh's industry of ship breaking was featured. Don't take me as too cultured because I switched over to Spike since Fight Club was on and missed Andy Rooney. But back to my thesis rant... View full entry

  • Living in Paranoia 3a Quote

    By notone-co
    Oct 25, '06 2:14 AM EST

    "The problem is that architecture tends towards permanence, while security threats change must faster. Its dangerously shortsighted to make architectural decisions based on the threat of the moment without regard to the long-term consequences of those decisions." Bruce Schneier View full entry

  • Living in Paranoia 3

    By notone-co
    Oct 24, '06 12:27 AM EST

    Showing my amazing sense of ADD this post came to me from a combination of a anti-marijuana tv ad, a book on post WW II bunkers, and my thesis direction of paranoia. A quote from the author of “Survival City” talking about September 11th... “ The city has been shaken... View full entry

  • Living in Paranoia 2

    By notone-co
    Oct 16, '06 10:58 AM EST

    My ideas stem from the idea of paranoia in contrast to security (which in turn makes people feel comfortable). The idea of an unknown enemy is a big derivative from the definition of paranoia, and the basis for many of its psychological connotations. But even our perceived enemies, ones that we... View full entry

  • Living in Paranoia

    By notone-co
    Oct 16, '06 1:26 AM EST

    The purpose of this post is purely to rant about my current ideas relating to my thesis. It has started to become a personal debate about a psychology term, with no clear path into it's manifestation in architecture / built form. The idea of paranoia, this fear created by our minds, has come up in... View full entry

  • Advice for the Young

    By notone-co
    Oct 15, '06 8:47 PM EST

    Eiseman Video Clip View full entry

  • Super Slide

    By notone-co
    Oct 12, '06 8:53 PM EST

    New Tate Modern Exhibition As seen in the news, but thought it was post worthy of my internet ADDTate Modern View full entry

  • Japanese Underground Water Detention

    By notone-co
    Oct 11, '06 12:20 AM EST

    Striking.....Edogawa River OfficeKids Cartoon View full entry

  • An American in Amsterdam

    By notone-co
    Sep 10, '06 8:39 AM EST

    Due to my procrastinating, absent minded, design led life, these next few posts are way overdue (sixth months overdue to be exact.) But just like in school I need deadlines, so my plane leaving for the states on Friday seems like a deadline to me, and that has made me interested in posting my... View full entry

  • Hello.

    By notone-co
    Sep 6, '06 1:31 AM EST

    Looks like everyone is gearing up for the new school year with multiple blog entries. I also thought it was pretty interesting to see now there are three University of Cincinnati blogs (all guys in my year of the program) tied with Ohio State. It also is a good collection of guys. Chris, Dawid... View full entry

  • University of Cincinnati at Night

    By notone-co
    Feb 2, '06 3:11 PM EST

    I was walking around campus last night and decided to snap some shots of our campus. Take a look. View full entry

  • Graduate Elective Studio - "Rapid" Prototyping

    By notone-co
    Jan 31, '06 6:06 PM EST

    First quarter as a graduate student. Well this happens to be my second but let's take a look back. (This quarter's project is secret until it is submitted in two months.) The graduate elective studio was called Detail [The Craft of the Joint: Digital Fabrication and Craftsmanship] The joint is the... View full entry

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