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    Surveying Light

    By alliedstudio
    Sep 19, '12 10:04 PM EST

    The first part of the design process involves careful investigation of the project site. One of the many aspects explored in the past week and a half was the current electric lighting in the  interior and exterior of the building.

    One aspect of our process: The particular section drawing shows the entry reception area. The green points/line show horizontal illumination (how much light on the floor) and the blue points/line show vertical illumination (how much light on the wall) in comparison to the red line, which shows current IES (Illuminating Engineering Society recommendations. The measurements are in foot candles (FC) and are made by using an illuminance meter (the funky looking device pictured here). By placing the meter on the surface being measured, you can find out how much light is on that surface. The section graph helps us to understand if light levels are consistent across a surface and how the light levels compare to current recommendations. Our experience in space is subjective, so documenting how the space feels to us is key (see the drawings by Hansol Park and Noele DeLeon) - the light levels may be lower than the recommendation but as a user we may feel that the levels are just right. In addition, we also document the types of light fixtures and the reflectance of the materials in the space (how much light reflects off a surface). This is part of the analysis that informs how we approach the design of space across the disciplines of architecture, interior design and lighting design. 

    Tamara Yurovsky, M.Arch/MFA Light Design Dual Degree


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