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    Stop talking & draw

    By alliedstudio
    Sep 25, '12 10:20 PM EST

    Our teams - Interior Designer, Lighting Designer & Architect - develop ideas by talking through drawings - physical models, digital models, sketches, analytical perspectives, etc.  - the ideas layer, concepts surface & rich design ideas emerge.


    -Tamara Yurovsky, Dual Degree M.Arch/MFA Lighting Design


    • boy in a well

      sounds more like draw and talk.

      Sep 26, 12 1:48 pm  · 
      boy in a well

      i thought this was gonna be one of those weird brooklyn silent parties.

      Sep 26, 12 1:49 pm  · 

      The idea is that talking happens through drawing.

      Sep 26, 12 11:28 pm  · 

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This blog details the semester-long work of the Allied Studio, a cross-disciplinary effort of the MFA programs in Lighting Design, Interior Design, and the Master of Architecture program at the School of Constructed Environments in New York City. For the fall term students are re-visioning the Harlem School of the Arts in Manhattan, a pioneer of childhood education in the fields of music, dance, theater, and the visual arts.

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