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  • Sights and Sounds; An Allied Approach

    By alliedstudio
    Oct 11, '12 2:15 AM EST

    (by Veronica Acosta)

    (by Veronica Acosta)



    Not only does the Allied Studio look for ways to integrate inter disciplinary approaches into our design of architecture, but, we also take this Allied Approach to all the possible parts of understanding our project.

     The plan and section showing sight and sound measurements of HSA highlight how as designers we rely on the integration of all our senses, in order to understand three dimensional space.

    What kinds of spaces can you then imagine through these analyses, without having your eyes inform you of its three dimensional quality ?

    Renua Itsueli, M.Arch

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  • Keep on Drawing

    By alliedstudio
    Oct 7, '12 2:38 PM EST

    Finding ways to communicate between disciplines through various forms of drawing & modeling. -Tamara Yurovsky, Dual Degree M.Arch/MFA Lighting Design View full entry

  • Yes we occasionally get out of studio! Occasionally.

    By alliedstudio
    Oct 6, '12 5:17 PM EST

    Today some of us had the opportunity to attend the Open House NY tours of new theaters around the city. Since we are redesigning the black box theater at HSA, we are all faced with the task of understanding how to design these spaces for optimal acoustic quality, opportunity for flexible use of... View full entry

  • Stop talking & draw

    By alliedstudio
    Sep 25, '12 10:20 PM EST

    Our teams - Interior Designer, Lighting Designer & Architect - develop ideas by talking through drawings - physical models, digital models, sketches, analytical perspectives, etc.  - the ideas layer, concepts surface & rich design ideas emerge.   -Tamara Yurovsky, Dual Degree... View full entry

  • A glimpse into the studio

    By alliedstudio
    Sep 24, '12 10:00 PM EST

    As of last week, we have now been paired off into interdisciplinary teams of three for the remainder of this project. With our first group desk crit tomorrow, many of us are settling in for a long night ahead! A walk through the studio will reveal all kinds of exciting models and drawings that... View full entry

  • We have seen, now to look

    By alliedstudio
    Sep 19, '12 10:49 PM EST

    Yesterday all the research teams presented their investigations on HSA. Now that we have all seen the analysis, it is time to look and begin design.  Pictured: Shu Zhao The model team built an awesome 1/8"=1' scale model featuring removable parts to access all parts of the building and... View full entry



  • Surveying Light

    By alliedstudio
    Sep 19, '12 10:04 PM EST

    The first part of the design process involves careful investigation of the project site. One of the many aspects explored in the past week and a half was the current electric lighting in the  interior and exterior of the building. One aspect of our process: The particular section drawing... View full entry



  • To start us off...

    By alliedstudio
    Sep 13, '12 9:24 AM EST

    I think (hope!) I speak for everyone when I say how excited our ALLIED Studio (made up of Masters students in the Architecture, Lighting Design and Interior Design programs) is to be collaborating with Harlem School of the Arts this semester as it looks ahead to plan for its next 50 years.  ... View full entry


    By alliedstudio
    Sep 7, '12 7:44 AM EST

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