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  • A Mid-Architecture life crisis 2012

    Jessica Coleman
    Oct 15, '12 9:30 AM EST

    I’m back. I took a long break because I wasn’t sure if architecture was something I still wanted to do. I have to go back and finish my M.Arch degree next year and the whole idea did not thrill me. I contemplated  even going to law or medical school. But like the old ex-boyfriend that will not go away, me and architecture are stuck like glue. So here we are. I will use my time to get reacquainted with Newark and I would like to eventually move there. As you already know NYC is super expensive, so why not Newark. Stay tuned.

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  • I registered for IDP... How anticlimactic!!!

    Jessica Coleman
    Sep 10, '09 7:55 AM EST

    It has been a while since I blogged. My feet have been hitting the pavement trying to find a job in NYC...and I am still doing so in this dismal job market. So I have known about IDP since undergrad, and it was about time that I do this. It is just that when you are almost done with school, that... View full entry

  • Parsons Firm Visit: David Adjaye's NYC Office

    Jessica Coleman
    Nov 30, '08 1:49 PM EST

    I admire the work of Mr. Adjaye and in his addition to philosophy to his influence from Africa. I hope that as a profession we can come to embrace diversity within firms, history, and theory. Architecture remains to be one of the least integrated professions in terms of race and gender. Out of... View full entry

  • Parsons The Design/Build Workshop, 1998-2007

    Jessica Coleman
    Nov 22, '08 1:13 PM EST

    This past Thursday was the opening for the most current Design/Build Alum bronXcape the gallery they had these cool postcards of each project as a keepsake, which I love as a Margaretville '07 Alum. Here is a history of The Design Workshop 1998-2007 for your viewing... View full entry

  • Places of Refuge: The Dresser Trunk Project @ Columbia U

    Jessica Coleman
    Nov 19, '08 12:30 AM EST

    So last night I went to Columbia's lecture about spatial boundaries and Jim Crow Segregation. From 1936-1967 the Green Book was a guide for traveling Black performers and where they could stay throughout the North and South. Eleven cities were represented in a trunk, showing the history of each... View full entry

  • To the architecture gradutes of 2009...

    Jessica Coleman
    Nov 9, '08 2:34 PM EST

    I personally think that architects will just have to reinvent themselves. Right now it seems that M.Arch's are a dime a dozen. I went straight from undergrad into grad (I have my B.S. in Arch). Many of my teachers and classmates thought that I would not get in, but when I did, I knew that I would... View full entry

  • Battle of the NYC Skyscrapers (Empire State Building vs Chrysler Building)

    Jessica Coleman
    Nov 7, '08 10:44 PM EST

    Ok so I have been at Parsons for almost 3 years and I suddenly realized that my love for the Empire State Building has grown over the years, possibly over the Chrysler Building. Before I even moved to NYC my love for the Chrysler building was strong. Who could deny the sexy Art Deco architecture... View full entry

  • Graduate Open House Blitz 2008: Princeton University

    Jessica Coleman
    Nov 4, '08 4:49 AM EST

    Yesterday I took about 3 trains in order to visit Princeton University's Graduate Open House to find out more about their PhD program. It was an overcast but nice day in New Jersey. The first thing that I noticed about Princeton was its beautiful architecture. After being in the city for so long... View full entry

  • The Great Open House Grad School Blitz 2008

    Jessica Coleman
    Oct 31, '08 5:06 PM EST

    Ok, so next week will be very frantic. Along with the election on Tuesday, I want to attend four Open Houses as well. But since I am already in NYC it won't be that bad. These are the following open houses I will attend: Monday November 3-Princeton Wednesday November 5-Columbia Thursday November... View full entry

  • Parsons Design/Build Video= Thumbs Up!

    Jessica Coleman
    Oct 30, '08 4:32 AM EST

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that Parsons Architecture Department made a nice "Learning by Doing" video about Parsons Design Workshop. I was apart of the Margaretville Pavilion 2007, the largest to date. A great aspect of the video shows the Design/Build alum spreading similar programs to... View full entry

  • A Chilly Nite in Newark

    Jessica Coleman
    Oct 30, '08 4:10 AM EST

    Last night I braved the path train and went to Rutgers U for my Milano policy class and thesis research. Newark is in transition right now and the current economic downturn makes revitalization even harder. About a month ago, I switched my thesis from Harlem to Newark, because my Harlem thesis... View full entry

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