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    Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture

    By wakwak
    Oct 14, '11 3:34 AM EST


    Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture just opened in July 2011, Imabari-shi, Ehime. This is the very first architecture only museum in Japan. This museum is consisted of two buildings: "Silver Hut" and "Steel Hut".  Steel Hut houses Toyo Ito's original architectural works, and Silver Hut is the relocated and rebuild house he used to live. This space is used as a workshop space for kids to learn and play with architecture.

    There are some steel models of his famous buildings.(This is Sepentine Pavillion's model.)



    There is another museum nearby and is also designed by Toyo Ito: Iwata Ken Hahatokono Museum.


    Those buildings are beautifully blended in this beautiful small island which is surrounded by the Setouchi Sea.


    By the way, this is right next to my hometown. Oh, and Kenzo Tange's hometown, too :) If you have a chance to visit Japan, skip Tokyo and go to Shikoku instead. Shikoku is now booming  with art exhibitions and new buildings by famous artists and architects.




    images via 'A' holic days


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    • Very interestings layout in relation to the museums sight.

      I hope to be able to visit someday!

      Dec 27, 11 5:03 pm  · 

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