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    drawings get bigger as you get older

    By Kamu Kakizaki
    Dec 10, '10 10:29 AM EST

    i'm studying at Liverpool School of Architecture this semester as an exchange student. I remember two years ago I though an A1 sheet was huge. Now this is HUGE.

    large drawings

    Final review next Friday. Wish me luck!


    • now just imagine if you had to draw it by hand

      Dec 10, 10 7:53 pm

      you know what they say about 'the bigger...'

      Dec 13, 10 8:19 am

      true story, last semester for final crit I had my drawings plotted at 36"h x 60" l. yikes

      Dec 13, 10 5:29 pm

      haha atleast you have multiple drawings... During my third year, the printing store printed my drawings in the wrong size and it was too late to have them reprint again.  The studio project was for an office tower, and my single elevation drawing was as tall as your drawings  xP

      Dec 18, 12 4:23 am

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