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    AUT09/04 - Things are slow

    By Kamu Kakizaki
    Oct 9, '09 8:11 PM EST

    Its a general consensus in the class. And I don't like it.

    The prof says, "We don't want you to do all nighters with hot glue guns and x-acto knives...and somehow make it home safely..."

    Isn't that the point? Aren't we supposed to push ourselves? Don't they expect us to excel and become better, especially since we're in what seems like a quite a competitive field?

    I've finding that UW has its professionals that are really good, and that are really chill. I guess that's the atmosphere of Seattle, now to think about it.


    • FRaC

      so what's your studio project? you can always do more if you want to ..

      Oct 10, 09 1:51 pm
      Kamu Kakizaki

      more as in...?

      Oct 10, 09 3:27 pm

      draw details, figure out schematic hvac and/or structural and how it works with the design, study active/passive solar techniques, develop the facades, draw cool diagrams, make a hot model (just not with hot glue, please), add landscape, do paving/hardscape studies, just make your project better ..

      Oct 10, 09 3:39 pm

      if you want to push yourself and excel then why don't you just do it?

      Oct 10, 09 3:41 pm

      If studio's not doing it, find something other than studio to pique your interests. Competitions. Electives. Etc.

      Oct 10, 09 3:51 pm
      Kamu Kakizaki

      i've done things more than what was expected, i think, but they didn't even mention it. we don't have a site or anything because we're getting The System drilled into our heads, which is all structure-ish. (like how long a 4'by6' can span and overhang etc.) it seems like that's all they care about. how the four posts carry the load from the beams which support the secondary beams that hold the rafters and which bla bla bla. we've been doing this for almost 2 weeks!

      btw frank ching is retired but he used to teach this class. and we're doing the same thing since i don't know when.

      arggggg i need to be proactive about the situation.

      Oct 10, 09 4:18 pm
      Kamu Kakizaki

      but yes, i will look into doing other things aside from what they ask for.

      Oct 10, 09 4:22 pm

      oh i see, 'the system'. yeah it doesn't look like they're letting you do too much right now.

      are you looking at architectural examples similar to 'the system'? japanese temples (especially hillside temples) as well as the obvious pacific northwest work of james cutler seem to fit 'the system'.

      otherwise i agree with jacob - use this free time to keep up or get ahead in other classes. there always seems to be a mad rush towards the end of studio where you wish you had more free time for those non-architecture classes.

      Oct 10, 09 4:58 pm

      yea dude. you're 4th year, right?

      they're focusing alot on detailing/structure in my curriculum this year. but, if you don't have the motivation or feel the need to do extra stuff for your studio project, you can work on your portfolio/grad apps/personal statement, or start doing research for thesis ideas or something.

      i almost envy your 'slowness'! >_<

      Oct 10, 09 7:29 pm

      i agree, i used to pick up competitions on the side. find ways to push yourself.

      Oct 10, 09 9:55 pm
      Kamu Kakizaki

      jk3hl i'm 3rd year. please tell me it get more fun! lol

      updates - i was talking with a girl in my class, and we're thinking of working together for competitions. we'll see how it goes!

      Oct 12, 09 10:07 pm

      Too bad about Ching retiring. We always held his books up like religious texts first year. "WWCD- What would Ching do?"

      Did you know MillerHull designed his house? For some reason I find that funny.

      Oct 13, 09 2:16 pm

      I went through stick studio about five years ago, don't worry you will have plenty of work to do when you start the final project. Who do you have as instructors?

      Oct 19, 09 10:13 pm
      Kamu Kakizaki

      Zuberbuhler and Pena.

      Oct 20, 09 4:58 am

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