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    AUT09/03 - Stick Studio - Test Model of the Exploration Model

    By Kamu Kakizaki
    Oct 7, '09 3:27 PM EST

    Here’s an test model for exploring "The System"... with a capital T and a capital S. Our own designs will come later in the quarter, so they say.

    Stick Studio
    First studio for the incoming undergraduates to the Department of Architecture. Previously taught by Frank Ching, yes, from all those architecture drawing books.

    The System
    The whole quarter follows a building system, The System, of hierarchically layered posts, beams, purlins, and decking in a bypassing fashion. Human dimensions investigated.

    Learn The System
    Posts at 8’ by 12’
    Table and bench for 4, facing each other

    2’ by 4’
    4’ by 4’
    4’ by 6’
    4’ by 8’
    4’ by 10’

    I had frustration with The System last Friday. It seemed so dictating, rules this, rules that. The critiques seemed to lead students to develop an identical structural language, and even identical form, that did not account for individual creativity, ambitions, and interpretations.

    I questioned myself if I am doing architecture to follow already established systems. I questioned the reality of my passionate love towards the energy of the avant-gard.

    They did not like me straying too far away from The System on Friday.

    After an episode of revolting, I ripped my model up, started from scratch, and decided to play dumb and follow The System. Better to be proactive than conflicting, I guess.






    Construction Management Class - Sand Point - Inside what used to be a navy hanger

    Gotta run to critique!


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