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    AUT09/06 - Stick Studio - Project One

    By Kamu Kakizaki
    Oct 22, '09 1:56 AM EST

    My attempt in model photography. Suggestions/tips?

    Project Overview


    • Try opening the aperture to allow more light in. This should get rid of the wrinkles in the fabric that are kind of distracting. Not that you can't edit that in Photoshop, but less post-production the better I think. Model looks interesting! Good luck.

      Oct 22, 09 3:42 am

      here are some comments. note the model looks nice and it would be very important that the pictures show what you intend to show in your portfolio about your abilities.

      with the beautiful tectonic model you need to get more shadow. use one primary light to cast the shadows at an angle to the model, then play with the second light as a fill so the shadow is lighter than the background.

      black backgrounds are good, but don't over estimate the shadow that is cast on the ground as an important element to the picture. right now your model is floating.

      be careful about the curvature from the wide angle lens. be specific as how you use it...showing a curved beam that is meant to be straight might be counterproductive to what you are trying to show.

      finally, work on framing the views. a scale person (probably in wood) would really help show what we are looking at. i would try to get some nicely framed views at eye height.

      sorry for making this so long, but it isn't always taught that much i hope this helps.

      Oct 22, 09 10:19 am

      Good points. And's never taught anymore. Sad.

      Oct 22, 09 10:22 am
      Kamu Kakizaki

      very informative, thanks! i have another model, going to shoot again soon.

      Nov 26, 09 10:35 pm

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