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    Mole E time lapse

    By Kamu Kakizaki
    Apr 9, '10 3:37 AM EST

    UW is building a new Molecular Engineering building, quite annoyingly in terms of construction, right in front of Architecture Hall. Though, I did find fantastic web cam time lapse videos of the construction. Help yourself. (Obviously, choose a weekday)

    Webcam time lapse

    Thanks to John Stamets, Architectural Photographer at UW.

    Arch Hall is the white Classical building in the background.

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    • FRaC

      man, i thought this was going to be about some tasty mole poblano chicken dish or something ..

      i always love those time lapse images no matter what the actual building is going to look like. the first one i clicked showed them pouring the slab overnight; damn that's a lot of concrete!

      Apr 10, 10 1:21 pm

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