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Sep '09 - Feb '11

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    From Sarajevo to Malta

    By 123arch
    Sep 30, '10 10:17 PM EST

    I’m back into blogging mode. I stop writing last semester and I didn’t
    get a chance to even wrap up the first year of my Master’s. As I
    mentioned on my previous postings we focused last year on projects in
    Sarajevo. The first term the goal was to develop an architectural
    proposal. The second term consisted in redefining the proposal,
    finding an area of interest and further developing them. The
    parameters that we got were quite broad, so it gave us a wide range of
    possibilities. It was very interesting to see what everyone developed
    at the end of the semester. The year culminated with a mini-conference
    where we presented our projects in a digital format. That was also a
    challenge since most of the students in our department at school put
    most of their effort in building physical models. The topic of the
    mini-conference was “Architectures of Persistent Transform”

    A flyer for the mini-conference:

    My project, which focused around the Sarajevo Film Festival, developed
    into a more complex program in attempting to define how we experience
    cinema. Opposed to the idea that the cinema industry revolves around
    merely formal screening but rather through alternative methods of
    filming and projecting. I developed an element that could be used as a
    projecting and as a screening device at the same time. This element
    proliferated in a variety of scales providing circulation, function
    and form to the building. The idea is that user by circulating the
    building could experience and share films, shorts, and even curate
    screenings. This same device could also frame a view to the city and
    establish a visual relationship with it. I believe the product was
    successful. I enjoyed developing the idea and the architectural
    proposal. Here are some images:


    After the presentation I geared into summer traveling mode. I headed
    into a month long tour before heading back to the US and South
    America. I did several trips. From following the initial stages of the
    Tour de France in Rotterdam and Brussels to visiting the valley of the
    temples in Sicily, a trip to Fez and Marrakech in Morocco, a few days
    in Barcelona and finally some travels trough Stockholm and Finland
    following the steps of Lewerentz, Asplund and Aalto. Some images:

    Saynatsalo Town Hall-Alvar Aalto

    Stockholm Public Library-Erik Gunnar Asplund

    Marrakech Medina

    Valley of the Temples Sicily

    This takes me to the start of our next term. This year we are heading
    to Malta. We will spend there 2 weeks researching for a site and an
    issue that we would like to focus on. This should eventually lead us
    to our thesis project. We are very much looking forward to being there
    and to get a few more weeks of warm weather. It’s pretty cold in
    Copenhagen already. I’ll post more when I’m down in Malta.

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