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    Climate Conference Copenhagen

    By 123arch
    Dec 14, '09 7:55 AM EST

    The COP15 started last week in Copenhagen. The city is packed of people from all over the world and there is a very tense environment in the city. There are a lot of police officers patrolling the city at all times. There was a big demonstration on Saturday around the city. Here is an image of the people marching through the city, as the sun is setting on the canal and with the coal plant in the background. There is a still a full week to go and I’m looking forward to some of the concerts, talks and events going around the city. It's a very interesting time to be around in Copenhagen.



    • gresham

      Thanks for the post. Would love to hear more about the COP15 experience if you have a chance to update your blog after the conference.

      Dec 14, 09 9:59 am  · 
      harald brynlund


      please visit the website of bergen school of architecture.
      we exhibited 2 projects showcasing sustainable planning and design, both in norway and in mozambique.

      main page, school of architecture:

      blog connected to "ecourbanism" master programme in norway:

      blog connected to "architect in a foreign culture" master programme in mozambique:

      Dec 17, 09 2:33 pm  · 
      harald brynlund

      Climate Conference Copenhagen is a toughy subject that is for sure. Like Jamie I run a small business in adelaide doing web design , and i was notified of the danger of the treaty. I'm not sure to be honest of the ramafacations of the treaty, but Im told that it can be quite a lockdown in the terms of Constitutions and all. In fact it is also said to affect the web design industry because of these new gree servers or whatever they call them. Anyway I'm neutral

      Jan 4, 10 11:56 am  · 

      I love to visit Copenhagen, its is a very beautiful city but I seem to get insanity when I travel these days. All the rules, bags have to be a certin size and weight, you cant bring this or that. It kinda takes all the fun out of it until you get there.

      Feb 3, 10 4:40 pm  · 

      I love Copenhagen it is a very fun city. I have a Sneaker Blog and about twice a year I go and visit Copenhagen. I go there because it is a free city not like strict US cities. People can actually smoke in a restaurant without getting thrown in jail haha.

      Feb 10, 10 11:12 am  · 

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