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    Sarajevo-Part 3

    By 123arch
    Nov 26, '09 4:07 PM EST

    We are well in our way on our projects in Sarajevo. It’s been a while since the last time I posted on the blog, but I still want to share a bit more on our Sarajevo trip.
    We had our first pin-up on the second week in Sarajevo to discuss mainly our sites, our analysis and ideas on the building program. It was a beautiful day in Sarajevo, so we held the pin-up outside our hotel, Hayat Hotel.



    The hotel is located in one of the Mahalas (the Ottoman neighborhoods). It is a beautiful part of town and it’s very interesting to experience Sarajevo through the Muslim culture and it’s Ottoman roots.


    Sarajevo was founded by the Ottoman Empire in the 1450’s until the 18th century when it was conquered by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and burned down. One of the most important architecture buildings from the Ottoman era is the “Ottoman House” or Svrzo House. It’s a wood construction house, highly detailed through its complex wood carvings and rich plan. Through it’s layout clearly reflects the customs of its time. The house is divided into men’s, women’s and servant’s quarters. The alleys therefore become essential in the way they connect these quarters. The other important element is the relationship between balconies and porches to the private and more public courtyards. It’s a fascinating house, and it’s been used by a bunch of students as a precedent study for their projects.


    Ottoman House

    On my next blog, I will be writing on a workshop that we had this week on woven wood.
    We have our final pin up on December 11th, so I’ll be elaborating a bit more on our projects. I'm also planning on writing more on Copenhagen.


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