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    PNG Pavilion Exhibition

    By jacob
    May 6, '10 1:40 AM EST

    Somewhat of a commercial...

    As the semester draws to a close, and you (faithful readers?) have little idea what I've been doing, I'll fill you in.

    Our studio with Jeremy Edmiston has been working on a 1/2 -full scale pavilion which explores digital design and construction techniques using the program of a school in Papua New Guinea as a catalyst for design ideas. What began as 6 research projects is now one pavilion, made from 90 sheets of milled plywood, thousands of custom angled joints, and a ridiculous amount of person-hours over the last two weeks.

    Tomorrow we begin moving it into the Gallery for our reception / opening on Friday. It's being built beside Meyerson in the 'yard' (yea, it's not just a sidewalk...look again); and will be moved and assembled overnight in the gallery.

    think giant renaissance wood models. a means to test a model-based building technique at a very real and tangible scale and out of real and tangible material (but a bit more manageable than actually building the 'real thing').

    Do not be fooled. This thing is very real. And to prove it, come to our opening reception this Friday at 3:00 PM in the Lower Gallery at Penn. We're only a $13 bus trip from NYC.


    • dia

      Any images? I am working on a similar kind of thing...

      May 6, 10 7:28 pm

      i thought that it was gonna be full scale and out in the plaza between meyerson and furness???

      do you know how long it will be in the gallery? i'm in europe at the moment and hope to be able to see it when i get home.

      May 7, 10 2:42 pm

      Yea, approval (or lack of) runs rampant...didn't get approval for the patio, didn't enough funding.

      But we had enough for the half-scale. It's there now, I'll drop an image or two...not sure how long it'll be up.

      May 7, 10 3:32 pm
      boots cats

      You didn't tell me that PNG is Papua New Guinea. I'd been trying to figure out what this pavilion has to do with portable network graphics...

      May 9, 10 1:41 pm

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