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Aug '09 - May '10

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    In a week...(the schedule blog)

    By jacob
    Sep 1, '09 8:14 PM EST

    I'll be in these:

    Ali Rahim's Contemporary Processes in Architecture: Experimental Design & Its Effects

    The mastery of techniques, whether in design, production or both, does not necessarily yield great architecture. As we all know, the most advanced techniques can still yield average designs. Architects are becoming incressingly adept producing complexity & integrating digital design and fabrication techniquesinto their design process - yet there are few truly elegant projects. Only certain projects that are sophisticated at the level of technique achieve elegance. This seminar explores some of the instances in which designers are able to move beyond technique, by commanding them to such a degree so as to achieve elegant aesthetics within the formal development of projects.

    Cecil Balmond's Form and Algorithm

    This course explores a new definition, based on the proposition that architecture consists as much in the design of tools as in their department. This conceptions of design stems from the internal logic and richness of a non-liner process and, in turn, operationalizes it. This approach to design as tooling extends the imagination and nurtures intuitions about the possibilities of universal logic. The course includes non-linear algorithms, scripting, and design of structures. It considers the relationship between research and practice from this perspective.

    Manuel de Landa's Self Organization & Dynamics of Cities

    A course on the history of the dynamics of western and non-western cities, focusing on evidence of self-stimulation and self-organization, turbulence and stratification not only in the physical form of cities and their infrastructure, but in their market and anti-market economies, biological metabolisms and human disease, developments of language, and technologies of defense.

    Winka Dubbeldam's (with Roland Snooks and Ferda Kolatan) Post-Professional Architectural Design Studio

    An Advanced Architectural Design Studio specifically tailored to post-professional students. Through this studio, students engage in the challenges and opportunities presented by changes in society, technology, and urban experience. Through design projects, they explore alternative modes and markets for practice,along with new directions and new tools for design.

    So, ...

    I'm pretty psyched about the all-star cast.


    • spruce

      you will still be in Meyerson Hall, though!

      Sep 2, 09 12:46 am

      i was going to say that is a pretty all star group of guest (?) faculty

      Sep 2, 09 8:45 am

      hot damn, that's a sweet lineup. make sure to kick ass and come back to new york for more carmine's.

      Sep 2, 09 8:07 pm

      hot damn, that's a sweet lineup. make sure to kick ass and come back to new york for more carmine's.

      Sep 2, 09 8:07 pm

      the form & algorithm class is a precursor to a cecil balmond run studio in the spring semester if you're interested in that field, but good choices...good luck!

      Sep 3, 09 6:56 am

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