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    building things

    By jacob
    Feb 28, '10 7:46 PM EST

    Whoa an update and this time it's actually about work!

    Well it is.

    I'm in a research studio with Jeremy Edmiston of SystemArchitects.

    It's pretty awesome; I'm super glad I'm here.

    The quick update though is that essentially we're scheming to build an outdoor room at the end of the semester on the patio between Meyerson and Furness; so as midterm arrives, we're building 1:1 scale building components.

    I'm working on a team looking at expanding screen systems, another team is looking at 'woven' plywood wall construction. It's all starting to come together and automation is the key!

    What is not automated though is the 6 hours we spent in the lab today making gusset plates.

    Fabrication-studios can be the best and worst. You get really satisfying models, but the bad ideas still take days and dollars to produce.

    Some eye candy!


    The parts to our screen (not including hardware). Enough lasercut luaun to keep me smelling like a campfire for a day.


    This is where the magic happens (hinging and sliding, that is..)


    The plate attached to the panels. Repeat as necessary.


    The finished screen, flattened...over 2100 pieces (including lots and lots of hardware)


    And the finished screen,...expanded! (partially!). The idea is that the screen alters both spatial qualities and surface porosity. In this case, it's doing so through a lo-fi mechanical connection.


    And the gusset plates that we modified today. Itchy, filing covered arms not included.

    More to follow as things happen! Come check it out at the end of the year if you're within a bus-ride of Philly!

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    • Ryan Joseph Simons

      Well done, sir. I'll be sure to check this out once our semester ends here at Pratt.

      Feb 28, 10 8:33 pm

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