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Mar '10 - Apr '11

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    WAC in Chicago

    By jace
    Mar 13, '10 8:14 PM EST

    Twenty one students, two professors and I went to chicago.

    The scale of the city immediately makes me realize how Boston is truly a European city. It shows what a blank slate, waterfront, and endless space can materialize into. A little bit of planning and a strong architectural fetish yield a spectacular city.

    I appreciate the space that is the new park, walking through and finding all of the interventions was refreshing. Even Gehry's bombastic pavilion finds its place within the park. The Cloud Gate must be experienced in person. The immateriality of the piece is stunning, it acts as a form for your view of the city, park, and waterfront to blend and change.

    We were allowed in SOM at the last minute. Amazingly clean for such a busy firm; I think they put on a nice face. I would love to see the dirty room where everyone yells at each other and skyscrapers are created to be built in far away lands.


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    • tactilegoods

      So lucky! I graduate from WIT and we only had the option of going to NYC

      Mar 16, 10 11:06 pm

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