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Mar '10 - Apr '11

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    Funerary Chapel + Memorial Garden Competition

    By jace
    Mar 23, '10 2:27 PM EST

    In my experience, competition within architecture school is a relatively unspoken, but extremely strong undercurrent. I believe the constructive/destructive dichotomy inherent within competition is essential in an area of study in which criticism is so highly valued. With that said, competition is constructive for many students who are driven by it to produce quality work. It should go without the need to say that a large number of students are discouraged by the destructive nature of competition and its incredible ability to breed resentment. So if not only to amplify and exaggerate these effects a student competition was held within our site and landscape studio.

    The proposal was a funerary chapel and memorial garden to be sited on the northeast shore of Moon Island in the Boston Harbor. The chapel and garden would be servicing an underwater burial service, the Neptune Society. The deceased is cremated off site, cast within a concrete form, brought to an offshore underwater estuary, placed within a buried container and sealed. The funerary chapel and memorial garden was to mediate disconnect between the physical remains of the deceased and the loved ones wishing to have a place of memorial.

    First place
    Ben Lebel + Mike Deprey




    Second place
    Mandy Johnson + James Jarzyniecki





    Thrid place
    Jake Bienkiewicz + Alan Pinciaro




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    • postal

      interesting sentiment regarding studio competition. i felt the deeper into school i got, the more autonomous i became (for better or worse.) I still felt i gained a lot from all the crits but everything became less personal. And it's interesting to see this opinion surface as well:

      the idea that a crit must have a certain point of view, be critical, personal, invasive in order to have value is something i don't necessarily agree with. but it does seem more difficult to decipher a compliment

      anyway, nice work and congrats on 2nd place. i dig the last image. the couple sitting by the water really speaks. my grandfather belongs to the lake. i think the program is very appropriate for many.

      Mar 23, 10 11:24 pm

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