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    Save the Pool

    By jace
    Aug 9, '10 9:22 AM EST

    Open letter to the Boston Landmarks Commission.

    Visiting Boston as a young person I gravitated to specific areas of the city without much thought into why I was attracted to them. As a new college student I would photograph the city without much thought into why I wanted to make images of these places. Now as an architecture student, I study the spaces made by the city with much thought into why I want to study these places. The constant drum beat through all of this exploration is the Christian Science Center.

    The Christian Science Center has been the backdrop to many memories that I hold dear. It is my intention to protect the center in its current condition so that many others may share the plaza as it exists today. The length and breath of the pool should be celebrated for its immense scale; to break the pool and soften its surroundings would only serve to choke the power held within the endless plane of water.

    I encourage the commission to designate the plaza a landmark while not permitting the exceptions being requested by the landowner.

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