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    prnt scren 17-23

    By fays.panda
    Mar 10, '10 6:28 PM EST

    More developments in attempting to embed some sort of anatomy into the bodies. They are still simple, but each chain/creature, start to act as a collective, which was mainly enabled through using a physics engine, pbox2d, and exploiting its springs and collisions.

    Another biweekly review explains my desktop background, and I have no idea why I do not have another prnt scrn on the last day. I guess I'm getting lazy.

    Also, we keep on talking about starting a website so we can start to share the code(s), but I guess it'll happen over Easter break, or maybe summer break at the latest.

    On another note, our studio trip - sometime during easter break - is headed towards Tokyo. Other studios are going to nyc/boston, tokyo(different studio), and a eurotrip/roadtrip across germany, italy and some other places.

    image prnt scrn 17 - because some days are simply disastrous.

    image prnt scrn 18

    image prnt scrn 19

    image prnt scrn 20

    This was an interesting moment. These "creatures" have no desire for locomotion - no flocking behavior embedded in them - but rather continuously start to reorganize because their internal structure is continuously in conflict. There are more circles than can exist in each creature, so through collisions, they start to reorganize. They are still uncontrollable, but it was an interesting moment in the week nonetheless.

    image prnt scrn 20b

    image prnt scrn 21 - biweekly thursday review.

    image prnt scrn 22 - more self structuring creatures, sometimes amongst themselves, and sometimes between each other. This is dangerous to say out loud, but they are fun to watch.

    image prnt scrn 22b

    image prnt scrn 23 - I have no recollection.

    p.s. All studio work is done with Tyson Hosmer, Michael Dosier, and Ryan Szanyi.


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