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    A Little More Real By the Second

    By fays.panda
    Sep 1, '09 7:08 PM EST

    I received an email from Archinect (i.e. Paul) yesterday telling me that I can now start posting blogs as this year's new Architectural Association's DRL blogger. Coincidentally, yesterday was my last day at the office, and as I was on my way home (shortly before seeing Paul's email) I was thinking that "this" is serious, I left my job and I'm going back to school, so receiving the School Blog Project email was further proof of the reality of the situation. Of course I am exited, to say the least, but still trying to get over the situation, only yesterday I was struggling with a AutoCAD hatching problem. Today I woke up and I was neither employed nor really a student. Cant wait till I get my student ID card, and start getting student discounts for all sorts of things. That would be end of my delusions (and paranoia), and I would be a student again!

    Orientation wont start till September 21st, and classes (if such a thing will exist?) wont start till September 28th. Therefore, I wont be able to write anything about my school experiences. For now, I'll be packing (mostly warm clothing) and heading towards London in a little while. Perhaps I'll share my frustrations when I start looking for the place I'll be spending the next few months (at least) in.

    Alright, I was just about to click on the submit button right now and I was thinking, I am submitting as a participant in the School Blog Project (yay, I'm a student!)


    • george

      Good luck! Welcome to the Blog forum. Hopefully I'll update mine with work soon as our first semester hasn't started yet. Should be interesting. All the best, and hope to follow your work!

      Sep 1, 09 7:25 pm

      good luck, fays! Remind us -- you're moving from... is it the UAE? I can't remember -- I'm sorry. We are lucky to have a student blogger with such a different perspective than the usual, though! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

      Sep 3, 09 11:16 am

      thanks manta! yes, that's right. I told you I was almost there, it worked out eventually!

      Sep 3, 09 11:40 am

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