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    prnt scrn 2

    By fays.panda
    Feb 13, '10 9:22 PM EST

    more processing work.


    p.s. All studio work is done with Tyson Hosmer, Michael Dosier, and Ryan Szanyi.


    • minimalista

      Good idea for a series. What may look mundane to you is fascinating to the rest of us.

      Feb 15, 10 9:15 pm


      Honestly, I would hope that the work is fascinating to me too, not in the sense that I think it is great and the best thing to ever be done, but in the sense that it remains challenging and full with potential on a daily basis.

      Anyway, I was not sure if it is fair to flood the school blog entries on a daily basis, so I decided to do a weekly post of a week's worth of print screens.

      Feb 16, 10 6:21 am

      Any clues as to what these are?

      My Atari and comodore used to produce such images, however I failed to make the jump to defining such as architectural theory.

      Feb 17, 10 10:24 am
      Lian Chikako Chang

      Great idea to document and share your progress like this! I'm looking forward to seeing these. (Personally, I see nothing wrong with posting once a day, but a week at a time works too!)

      Feb 18, 10 8:19 am

      thanks, Lian.

      zoolander, noone is claiming that this is architectural theory. There was a concious decision made early on to look at systems of self-organization. There is a growing interest amongst us. Sure, we started with the generic flocking stuff, but we are quickly attempting to move away from those behaviors/rules, into building softer, perhaps more intelligent, more goal-based communcations. There is also no desire in remaining in processing's world for a whole year. As to what you are seeing, it's simple, theres a field, you send in a number agents (for lack of a better word at the moment, that, hopefully, will also evolve and transform), and they register their existence on the field until a cell saturates and they die. You are also seeing two waves of those. (grren-yellow and blue-red).. is this going to save the world? I highly doubt that, but does it have architectural implications? that's an answer that I can give you later, but my gut feeling is, yes. Don't assume that the work is not being approached critically, and thats the struggle, not blinding oneself.

      as for the atari and comodore comment, those graphics are actually something that we keep looking at. pure fun? maybe, but I think it is unfair to relegate to that, again, this is still at a very early stage, but ideally, the way the work is represented should not divorced from the discussion it tries to instigate, but perhaps even pushing it towards a specific direction.

      Feb 19, 10 6:30 pm

      i am interested in how you use processing and what you discover its architectural implications to be. i too am asking myself the same question of its architectural implications, as of right now it seems that is strength is in data visualization. it will be interesting to see how this evolves through out the semester for your case and my case.

      Feb 24, 10 1:59 am

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