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    prnt scrn 3-9

    By fays.panda
    Feb 21, '10 9:04 PM EST

    had a review sometime in the middle of the week, which explains the day with my desktop background as the screen shot. We're still trying to understand what constitutes an ecology within our digital environment. We also realized that we need to tackle the notion of how these things start to become material systems.

    prnt scrn 3

    prnt scrn 4

    prnt scrn 5

    prnt scrn 6

    prnt scrn 7

    prnt scrn 8

    prnt scrn 9

    p.s. All studio work is done with Tyson Hosmer, Michael Dosier, and Ryan Szanyi.


    • Daniel Childs

      So are these in relation to anything? Or are these just glimpses into your day to day computer interactions?

      What are the pixel SS's?

      Feb 23, 10 4:37 am  · 

      Ideally, they are pertinent to the work I'm doing for studio or seminars. Some weeks one takes precedence over the other. There are the odd days ofcourse. I gave a small description in a comment in the previous post, maybe that could help. I will try to give a more coherent description soon, I've got another review on thursday, so will probably leave it to then.

      Mar 2, 10 6:15 pm  · 

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