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    Cleveland Rocks (feat: James Corner)

    By jacob
    Dec 20, '09 4:38 PM EST
    From the CUDC with Field Operations...

    Despite recent cruddy news (ODOT, med mart, the port, etc); this could be a Christmas Miracle.

    Check out the schemes, they're pretty cool.

    It promotes turning the Burnham Public Square (now a glorified bus terminal) into something(s) really really awesome. Studios at the CUDC have toyed with the idea in the past, I'm excited to see it happen.

    And hey! James Corner teaches at my new school...what an odd coincidence.


    • after looking at the design proposals i am left rather confused. they all seem clumsy and horribly preliminary. maybe they are?, but i definitely think they still lack intent and power.

      but james corner, pretty cool, so hopefully something beneficial does arise out of all of this. downtown cleveland definitely needs it.

      Dec 21, 09 8:09 pm  · 

      In a way, I can see this...but perhaps we're really just spoiled with things such as the high line which seem to break all of the rules beautifully.

      More importantly though is the impact this could have on the city...public square can be pretty dismal, it's exciting to see things possibily happening.

      Dec 21, 09 9:40 pm  · 

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