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    ...and after that (retroblog #2)

    By jacob
    Apr 19, '09 1:24 PM EST
    The second round of precedent. (1 week later)

    Previously I mentioned the inauthenticity of Streetsboro. A study of brands along the mile long strip reveals almost nothing of local origin.

    For this round of precedent study, I was working with MVRDV’s pig city. My colleagues: OMA’s Melun Senart, OMA’s park de la villette, Asymptote’s Steel Cloud, Governor’s Island Competition Entry by West 8, Governor’s Island Competition Entry by REX, and …..another one I can’t remember.

    Now that we’d the hang of doing this, it was a bit easier.

    “Streetsboro was put on the map initially because of its many cheese houses”

    … is a funny piece of trivia we found as we dug through the history of the town….it would eventually become highly influential in our quest for authenticity.

    Streetsboro becomes Cheeseboro.

    A partially transient farm over the ‘old’ Walmart parking lot provides all of the cheese and most of the energy to sustain the McDonalds across the street.

    Suspend reality for a moment and consider it: Grazing land for cows is rotated under their feet; making the trip to the milking barn never more than a few steps away. Half of the required land (6 acres) is always deployed, through corporate partnership with one of the many national brand’s semi-trucks that stop in Streetsboro on a regular basis (500 trucks throughout the country…this would also require some reinforced trucks and a lot of logistics). Before deployment, cow-output is swept up and processed in a biogas digester on site.

    All of this is owned and operated by McDonalds.

    stay tuned next week when we pair up and combine four precedent studies into a single scheme.

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