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    By jacob
    Jan 21, '09 4:44 PM EST

    Today was the first day of Spring studio at the CUDC.

    There are 18 of us (14 1st year Grad - M.Arch, 4 1st year Grad MUD)
    6 of us were here in the fall
    11 of us were in Italy (not me).
    17 of us went through undergrad together.

    [Also at the CUDC: There are 6 returning 2nd year Grad students getting their M.UrbanDesign...they are all working on Capstone projects (thesish)]

    Nobody went to a school other than Kent State for Undergrad.

    I apologize to all for not posting last semester.
    I plan on posting regularly this semester.

    Last semester ended well. Studio projects were well developed and well received. This semester will be different.

    How do we deal with sprawl and authenticity? becomes How does a city who's never known its waterfront get to know its waterfront

    I'm going to try to incorporate images as well. Here's one I've been sitting on. It's much colder and snowier now.

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