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    Isn't it ironic how people use the word 'ironic' to mean 'funny'

    By jacob
    Aug 25, '08 3:51 PM EST

    Today was the first day of classes at the CUDC.

    There are 7 of us (1st year Grad - M.Arch)
    There are 6 returning 2nd year Grad students getting their M.UrbanDesign
    There are 11 fellow 1st years in Florence Italy. All of them have been there before during our 3rd year undergrad.
    Nobody went to a school other than Kent State for Undergrad.
    I know (almost) everybody.

    These are all facts that I wish weren't true.

    Except for the small class...that will be refreshing after 4 years of semi-overcrowding.

    And so far; we're doing an interesting project.
    And although I know the faculty, I haven't ever worked with them before.
    And although it's's not 'in' Kent.

    This blog will be a study in self-analysis for me.
    I'm essentially engaging in delayed gratification..regarding my post-professional studies.


    • that's really strange that there are no non-Kent people... i'm actually surprised that the admissions committee would do something like that...

      Aug 25, 08 4:58 pm  · 


      it's hard to accept people from other schools, if there are no non-kent applicants.

      This is something that needs to change. I think it's a publicity issue. Because it's certainly not a monetary issue. Or a length-of-time issue. Or a project-relevancy issue.

      I've been told that the CUDC/Kent is trying to make more of a name for itself, but we're still in a transitional phase. I'm the 2nd year that didn't have a 5 year undergrad option, so the college is still used to the idea of having a graduate school, and what that entails.

      Last year there was 1 non Kent person, and hearsay was that the performance was pretty underwhelming.

      Aug 25, 08 7:26 pm  · 

      "transitional phase" --that's a term i love hearing around kent.

      congrats on the blog jake, let's hope this doesn't happen again. how much of a hold does he have over cudc compared to kent's home base?

      anyways. way to represent. also, don't forget pictures, they love pictures.

      Aug 25, 08 11:05 pm  · 

      Ha. me too.

      I don't think there's too much jurisdiction over the CUDC...and I think at Kent it's being/been redirected.

      I'm curious to find out how long it'll take before somebody mentions it.

      I almost feel I need to write a disclaimer...I completely agree with your last statement in your linked entry. I really do love kent/CUDC/professors/community. I'm glad I'm here (at the moment) and I really just want to portray the CUDC in an accurate way. And hopefully bring a little more publicity into the school/what we do/why it's good...

      Wish me luck. good seeing you btw.

      Aug 26, 08 5:45 pm  · 

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