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    By jacob
    Mar 10, '09 9:56 PM EST

    It's that time of the semester...
    Midterm's aren't quite that far behind...
    Finals aren't quite that imminent...
    ....and motivation droops as the first shades of nice days arrive in Cleveland.

    Simmering until things wrap up.

    In project news, we're repositioning ourselves to create our site as the afterpark of an expo. In 1936, Cleveland had the 'great lakes expo' featuring typical expo things. With the great lakes holding around 20% of the world's fresh water and the coming importance of that fact, along with the port's upcoming move over the next 20 years, we're poised to propose a centennial re-issue: Great Lakes Expo 2036(!).

    This also gives us a reason to be somewhat unrealistically optimistic and utopian in some of our planning, and then explore how it gets repurposed afterward.

    In other news:
    Kent Facilities UPDATE! (a real email presented as a satire).


    This is your notification that there are added print room hours for TODAY from 2-5 p.m. There is already a list of students posted on the door, so please do not consider this an opportunity to get any work printed/laser cut unless your name is currently on the list. (I probably won't get through the list that is there already.)

    You are welcome to come down and sign up to have work done, but this e-mail notification is primarily intended to inform those students who have already signed up but who were planning on having their work done tomorrow. Please try to make yourselves available today, though consistent with print room policy your names will not be crossed off if you can not be present today between 2 and 5.

    Thanks you.
    (The Print Room Management)

    So for everybody that goes to a school where to plot something in color you only have to select the correct driver and swipe a card....
    And for everybody that can lasercut at normal business hours....

    Remember: You could be here where it was open for 3 additional hours, today, during the afternoon.

    I love Kent. But some things we do seem a bit odd.
    If anybody goes to a school with a similar policy, please share. (really).

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    • that's how it was for me, sorry.

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