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    FML Architecture Edition Vol. 1

    By Erica
    Jul 12, '09 9:37 PM EST

    I'm sure by now, anyone who's wasted a respectable amount of time on the internet knows about this site:

    I, for one, know for sure that I've spent at least a day or two collectively on this site, reading about the crappy things that happen to other people. And don't say that you wouldn't either--it's comforting and therapeutic to read about the daily traumas of strangers. It's a universal guilty pleasure.

    The other day, it occurred to me that "FML" is a phrase that is often tearfully declared in studio during deadline. And noting that it was our deadline last Thursday, I thought it would be an amusing exercise to compile all of them into a list for Archinect. So here it is, a collection of all the sad and infuriating things that happen in studio culture. I'm sure everyone who's reading this has had at least one or three of these things happen to them. Group hug.

    Today, I fell asleep hot glue gunning my model only to wake up with my hand glued to the floor. I had to ask my studiomate to cut me free. FML.

    Today, I decided to take a quick power nap with eight hours to go until deadline. I set my cellphone to wake me up in half an hour only to wake up three hours later. I had set my alarm to am not pm. FML

    Today, I wasted fifteen minutes staring at the patterns on the washroom floor moving instead of working on my project. I hadn't slept in three days. FML.

    Today, during my interim crit, a prof called my drawings schizophrenic and then proceeded to rip it off the walls. FML.

    Today, hours before my final crit, I was working on my basswood model. It was a big piece of basswood so I was working on the floor with it propped up on my foot. I ended up cutting a deep gash through my right foot and had to stand in front of my panel with paper towels taped to my foot. FML.

    Today, at four in the morning, my nose started bleeding at my drafting table. I screamed for help but no one looked up because they were too busy working on their projects with their headphones on. I spent the next ten minutes scraping the blood off my drawings, thinking that no one cared for my well-being. FML.

    Today, I sent twenty identical emails to twenty different firms for an internship. After the last email was sent, I realized that I didn't change the firm names on each of the individual emails. FML

    Today, during my final crit, the guest critic said, "The next thing you should do is smash your model on the floor and vacuum up the broken pieces." I had spent three hundred dollars laser cutting my model pieces. FML.

    Today, I got yelled at for ten minutes in front of my peers for drawing my arrows pointing down my ramps instead of up in my plans. FML

    Today, I realized that my building looked like a penis. FML


    Anyway, like I mentioned, our deadline on the winery project was last Thursday. Well, kind of. On the morning of our final crit, our prof pulled a fast one on us and basically said, "Surprise! You are actually going to be working on the same project for the next three weeks," which was received with mixed reviews. I personally feel like I have to reset my brain at this point but the chance to further my project might be a blessing in disguise. Will update soon.


    • brilliant post Erica - glad to see that despite the FML's you still see the irony and humour in it all

      Jul 12, 09 11:27 pm  · 

      remarkable candor. one of my all time favorite school blog posts.

      Jul 12, 09 11:38 pm  · 


      keep it coming!!

      Jul 13, 09 2:34 pm  · 

      sleeping anywhere, still i see.

      Jul 14, 09 9:19 pm  · 

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