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    What? Did I just get a weekend off?

    By Erica
    Oct 18, '08 1:28 PM EST

    Well--technically, no. I really should be working on my portfolio since it's due on Monday for the co-op term, but I've put it off again and again as I am prone to with any kind of daunting amount of work. And--for the sake of consistency--I'll put it off for just a bit longer and post some pictures from India!

    I took the majority of my pictures on my old Holga, but I haven't had the time to get all of them developed before I left for Cambridge. So the pictures of the step wells will have to wait, but I do have a fair smattering of pictures from here and there on my powershot.

    (I suppose since this IS an architecture blog, I will try to refrain myself from posting pictures and pictures of myself feeding the cows on the street)

    Janter Manter, Jaipur. A crazy, crazy collection of giant astronomical instruments. The largest sundial in the world stands here--it's shadow visibly moves at 1mm per second (!!!). This one was my favorite. It was a half dome, dug into the ground that tracked the orbit of the stars.


    Monsoon Palace, Udaipur. Other than the fact that Octopussy was filmed here, it is an awesome place to visit, especially on a rented motorcycle during sunset.


    And some Louis Kahn. The security was ridiculous here--I had to get my name and passport taken in, get a pass, and then stay in each building for no longer than 15 minutes. I did manage to take a few stealthy pictures and even did a self-timer. This was a building that I've really admired from a distance in books and films, so actually seeing it in front of me and around me had a strange effect on me.


    Elephanta Island, Mumbai. I took a 40 min ferry ride to an island south east of Mumbai. There were these cave temples that were cut and carved from the stone of the land. The name is misleading, though--there were no elephants.


    Aaaaaaand, what the hell--some randoms. A scary snake charmer, a friendly cow, and the monkeys that bit me.



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