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    Help, my Macbook has insomnia!

    By Erica
    May 7, '09 9:43 PM EST

    I suppose this is a bad blog post to follow the last one where I promised to do more serious school blogging, but I thought maybe the two people who read this might have some helpful suggestions.

    A few weeks back, my macbook suddenly failed to fall asleep. Well, not completely. It still falls asleep when I close it but, as I have to keep it open overnight for my morning alarm to work, it's been causing me grief. I manually put it to sleep but as soon as the fans slow down completely, it just wakes itself up again. At first, I thought it was because I put the computer down on the floor roughly and somehow cajoled it back to power, but even when I put it down as gingerly as possible, it wakes up. Sometimes, it manages to stay asleep for a couple minutes--and then I hear it whirling again. I've grown to sleep in constant fear that I will wake up in the middle of the night to the room illuminated by it's blueish radiance.

    While this has been an effective (and unsettling) dry run of how parenting will be like one day, I'm afraid something's seriously wrong with it. It stays extremely hot all night; the fans run at full blast. I've tried changing the settings on my system preferences but that doesn't seem to work either. So if anyone has any sort of technical sleeping pills for my macbook, I will be forever grateful.


    On a side note, the first week of school has been daunting to say the least; the terms, "multi-headed fascistic regime" and "an hour glass, running out of grains of happiness" were used way too many times for my liking.

    (I also just spilled tea on my macbook. I am an awful parent.)


    • fays.panda

      i dropped my powerbook the first day i recieved it over 4 years ago (am i a worse parent?) and from that day on, it doest sleep, its either on or off, so, when i tell it to go to sleep, it switches off. I wonder everytime i have to switch in on whether its my fault :S

      May 8, 09 3:22 am  · 

      You might have something that's running in the background. I used to work at Apple and could go through it with you, but then it would be let's try this, let's try that; too much to deal with. Honestly, I would take it in because there's so many things it could be. Make sure you back up everything you need. Good luck.

      May 8, 09 3:45 am  · 

      Do you have any bluetooth devices connected to your MB? Those could be waking it up. I'd also unplug any USB devices.

      May 8, 09 10:32 am  · 
      Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

      try resetting the PRAM (a temporary memory used for storing certain settings, including sleep settings). restart your computer and hold down command-option-P-R while it boots up. apple support

      also remember that if you close your macbook then unplug something from the usb port, it will wake up - unplug usb devices before putting your machine to sleep.

      May 8, 09 5:20 pm  · 

      Do you have a wireless mouse? Do you turn it off before you put the MacBook to sleep? There's an option in the Bluetooth control panel to turn off the wake with usb device. i am sure that's what it is:

      May 9, 09 12:14 am  · 

      Thanks for all the online technical support!

      As for any bluetooth device, I have none (well, NOW I do since my keyboard stopped working after the tea incident, but I turn that off before I put the computer to sleep). I've even tried turning off my AirPort out of desperation, but still no luck. My PRAM was clumsily reset as well.

      I think the tech gods just hate me. I must have been a computer hitler in a past life.

      May 9, 09 6:16 pm  · 

      It is linked to someone else's device?

      The tea incident?

      Doesn't sound good. ;-)

      May 10, 09 11:00 pm  · 

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      Nov 22, 18 4:01 am  · 

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