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    MUAC - UNAM's new museum of contemporary art

    By gabsvillalobos
    Aug 28, '09 9:13 PM EST

    Hey there! It's been quite a while, so I figured I should talk about what I was up to last semester. I had no studio. Instead, I had electives, and did an internship (of sorts) at UNAM's new museum of contemporary art.
    The electives I took were Philosophy and Architecture, Urban Renewal, Recycling of Urban-Architectural Structures, and Architecture and Media.

    Now this new museum opened last November, and it's developing quite impressively. The building is by mexican architect Teodoro González de León and took about two years to complete. If you ask me, I don't like it at all...

    This is the official web site, and you can check some of the original renders here.
    I KNOW, resemblance to a certain japanese museum is no coincidence.

    This building was very controversial, because it is quite aggressive to context (70's mexican brutalism buildings), was very expensive, and the starchitect was chosen single-handedly. So uncommon in our profession, right?






    The first exhibitions included works by Richard Long, Robert Morris, Teresa Margolles, Gabriel Orozco, Jan Hendrix, Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Thomas Glassford, Miguel Ventura, Isa Genzken, Mark Lombardi, Pipilotti Rist, Melanie Smith, Edgar Orlaineta and many others. Right now there's an exhibition by Cildo Meireles, and an upcoming one by Wolfgang Laib.

    The work there was really great. I worked for the education department, which means I had to do with offering guided tours and visits with conversation, help organise events, help with workshops and activities for kids, manage the Facebook page, among other things. It was lot of fun, and we got to meet artists and curators and interesting ppl. I'll post some more pics of my doings later on.

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    • JosephR

      I just visited the museum yesterday and I loved it. As a well traveled individual, museum goer, and architect enthusiast I felt the building was inviting to the visitor, complimentary to the artwork, a fantastic use of natural light and a beautiful piece of architecture as a whole. I have visited many museums around the world that are breathtaking from the outside, but fall short as an place to exhibit art. This building is not only is attractive to look at, it is extremely functional. Thank you, Joe

      Jan 17, 13 11:10 am  · 

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