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Sep '08 - Nov '11

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    My semester so far

    By gabsvillalobos
    Sep 24, '08 8:48 PM EST

    Hi there!
    Ok, I have a confession to make...
    I have no studio this semester.

    I know, I know, how could I commit such a crime, how is it possible to have a semester without studio, etc.

    The fact is that I have been doing great in the studios for 3 years now, but not that great in the other subjects. I was beginning to fall a bit behind with the obligatory subjects, so I really wanted to catch up, and maybe raise my grades a bit.

    I also wanted to take a break from projects, as I began to feel I was only producing stuff automatically; I really felt I needed to take some distance from that.

    So right now I'm only taking six subjects (yeah, only six: in third semester I had eleven), I'm taking all of the mandatory subjects left for me. Which is good because then come all electives, which are very nice!

    Maybe I and some friends will help a teacher of ours in a competition for a tower in Dubai, but that's a story I'll be posting later as it develops...

    Sooo the subjects I'm taking right now are:

    Urban-Environmental Design
    Administration II and III
    Structural Systems VI
    Fixtures III
    University Extension IV

    yeap, they're all mandatory.

    Urban environmental design is urbanism. We've been studying the history of cities (ancient, medieval, islamic, industrial, etc), and reading about the physical and psychological environment. It's nice.

    Administration II and III are about managing construction sites, business management, financial management, getting to know the law, it's pretty boring.

    Structural Systems has been weird, cause my teacher has been going through stuff we've already studied. But basically it's about learning to calculate beams and trusses.

    Fixtures III is very nice because it's acoustics, and air conditioning. Yesterday we visited these acoustic chambers where they test materials for acoustic absorption and transmission.

    University Extension is about helping with projects for poor communities. We're just starting off a project for a public park, somewhere in the outskirts of Mexico City we'll visit next week.

    So as you can see it's not that bad I don't have studio!
    That's it for now. I'll post some pics of the work when it gets done (hehe)

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