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Sep '08 - Nov '11

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    AA Summer School

    By gabsvillalobos
    Sep 11, '08 10:09 PM EST

    Hey there!
    Ok so september 15 is the anniversary of Independece here in Mexico, so we have a weekend off!! I'm thinking of going to the beach, let's see what comes up...

    I would like to share with you what I did this summer. This last summer I went to the AA Summer School. It was really awesome.
    The central theme was what is going to happen with cities, or how will cities come to an end? So we focused on London and imagined catastrophic scenarios and thought about how the city and architecture would be like in the future.

    So we split up into units and each of them had a more specific agenda. I worked with a sound artist, a film artist and a landscape-architect-turned-sound-artist. It was very interesting, as they showed us how the sonic environment is much more important than we architects think. Obviously, the city is very loud and noisy, but we just have become used to it.

    We first learned to handle different types of microphones, such as contact and binaural mics, as well as sound pressure meters and sound-editing software. At the same time we learned to pay attention to sound rhythms, patterns, and other phenomena within the city (and of course, record them).

    Then we created our own sounds and videos, focusing on the idea that if the city is noise, then a city-less future would be catastrophically silent. We created sounds from a catastrophic event, a video about our increasing saturation of information, and another one about our increasing lack of communication (the social "silence"). We also made a video of London after being evacuated, and we designed beacons which would send warning sound signals for the next 10,000 years.

    I have no pics (there was nothing to take pics of). You should check out our work, in this site:

    Maybe I should talk about what the other units did, but that's another long story which I will leave for later...


    • laksmy

      Hola soy estudiante de Arquitectura y vivo en Honduras. Me dio mucho gusto ver que teníamos un representante latinoamericano en este blog. Me gustaron mucho las fotos de tu facultad que pusiste hace unos días. Tengo una pregunta: ¿adónde queda esta AA Summer school? ¿En México también?

      Sep 12, 08 12:19 am

      Qué bueno que te gustaron las fotos, la uni es muy bonita.
      El summer school fue en la Architectural Association en Londres.
      Te recomiendo que visites su página:

      Sep 12, 08 12:59 pm

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